Welcome to the official site of the Interfaith Peace Treaty. We hope that you will enjoy your visit and that you will download the PDF of the Treaty text (INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY) and that after having read it carefully you will sign and affirm your declaration to support it. In order to do this, you need to send us an e-mail with your name and contact details to iipsgp@educationaid.net or iipsgp@gmail.com or you could do this by post by sending a letter to the mailing address given in the contact section. Please tell us about your own vision of peace and a little about your own faith background. If you hold any formal offices in a faith community or a philosophical association or an academic body please inform us accordingly. If you are authorised to sign the Interfaith Peace Treaty on their behalf please tell us. If you can think of anyone else who might wish to sign the Interfaith Peace Treaty please send them a link to this website on our behalf. Please note that if your faith is in scholarship, science, humanism and enlightenment traditions of secular thinking, rather than in a specific religious tradition, you are also welcome to sign it. The treaty is intended to be a declaration of peace not only between all different religious groups  on the planet but also between those whose faith is in religion and those whose faith is in scientific rationality. The Treaty is carefully worded to be universal in its approach. With your help and support together we can transform the world back into the civilised place it was meant to be where reason, politeness and intellectual debate replace violence, fanaticism and terror as the medium of discourse towards a kinder and more beautiful world. We have recently moved the headquarters of the International Institute of Peace Studies, the body behind this treaty, to France, and here in France there are still all too often interfaith terrorist attacks. On April 23rd,the day of the French elections first round, a young Islamist woman attacked the Church dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Rennes le Chataeu in the South of France with an axe. She did her act as a cry of despair, because she has friends and family apparently dying in Syria. “In front of surprised tourists, the young woman took refuge in the cave of the virgin, near the church, and made a long telephone call in Arabic before returning quietly to the church, taking an axe and launching an assault on the famous Holy font surmounted by the representation of Asmodeus. She decapitated the famous red devil, cut off his arm and placed a quran at its side, then attacked the bas-relief of the altar of Mary Magdalene, in front of astounded visitors. The latter gave the alarm and the mayor, Alexandre Painco, intervened. He noted the facts and alerted the gendarmerie. Faced with the surprisingly quiet young woman, he asked her why she had committed these acts. She answered calmly: “Today is a day of presidential election, while in Syria the West bombs and kills children. You are all disbelievers! My husband is there!” So this symbolic action is yet another reason why we need to get the Interfaith Peace treaty signed by millions of people of all faiths around the world. To esoteric Christians who revere Mary Magdalene, this attack is as if someone had gone and hacked up the black stone in Mecca. But such actions show complete disrespect and ignorance of others views and philosophies. The Interfaith Peace Treaty is designed as a medicine against all such acts based on Sophiaphobia. Please sign in and spread the wyrd.. Thank you and God / Goddess bless!

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