The Interfaith Peace Treaty is a unique and comprehensive attempt to create a lasting solution to the ongoing religious and ideological conflicts raging on planet earth. Different tribes, factions, elements and parties are jostling each other for supremacy, and the vast array of modern weaponry means that it is all too easy to inflict major casualties on rival armies and armed gangs. Whole countries are racked with civil wars and chaotic ongoing conflicts, either in the whole country or in substantial parts of them. These include Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Burma, Palestine/Israel etc. Other once hot wars have been cooled down for now, as in Ireland, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Azerbaijan / Ngorno Karabakh, Kosovo. Often these conflicts have an element of religious identity as one faction fights another for hegemony. Various interfaith groups are active in doing their best on an ad hoc basis to resolve these situations, but mostly secular political peace-making processes of diplomacy involving agencies such as the United Nations and the European Union, marginalise the role of religious beliefs and religious actors, even though in many conflicts underway they are absolutely central to the overall conflict dynamics. The Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service remains the only active peace-making agency dedicated to mediating faith based conflicts through supported non-violent communication. It is available for active mediation in bilateral faith based conflict situations. However, there are simply too many such faith based conflicts going to mediate each one. Also, many of the ideologies and belief systems involved are the same, turning up over and over in different geographical locations. The proposal for this INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY therefore is that the world’s various religious and philosophical traditions can and should sign up to a lasting peace treaty, whereby they pledge to sublimate their ideological wars for hegemony into academic and scientific debate, dialogue, research and intellectual discourse, and cease endangering lives and ruining countries. For the sake of long suffering humanity, especially the lives of women and children, and the countless young men’s lives which are being sacrificed, we are urging all existing religious and philosophical leadership cadres to sign this INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY so as to suspend actual physical fighting and replace it with cooperative intellectual struggles towards truth. Signing the Treaty does not mean that side “a” has “won”, or that “b” has lost, but rather than all sides simultaneously surrender to peace as the preferred condition for ongoing human life experiences, so that together we can build a common universal humanity based on peace. The faith and premise behind this Interfaith peace treaty is that it is precisely this surrender to peace that all the great Teachers, Prophets, Sages, Shamans, Seers, Mahatmas, Tirthankara’s, Buddhas, Druids, Rabbis, Gurus and Philosophers, and Scientists of all ages, cultures and religions, have perpetually been calling mankind. By putting our voices into a common INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY we are signalling to mankind as a whole that it is truly time to make peace on this beautiful planet, before we destroy it irrevocably. By signing this document, you are pledging, as a far as humanly possible, to live up to the ideals and principles embodied in its 56 clauses. Every rational and intelligent human being on planet earth is invited to sign up to this treaty, both as an individual in your own name, but also on behalf of any spiritual, religious, intellectual, political or social organisations and groups you may be empowered to speak for. The Interfaith Peace treaty is intended for the big people but also for the little people, since bitter experience has taught mankind that not always the official outer religious leaders of different faith groups are actually not necessarily the wisest, most compassionate or the nearest and dearest to the Absolute. We are concerned to sign up the true living Saints and Sages of the planet, who may not necessarily be in positions of outer authority. You will know in your own heart if you care called to sign this Interfaith Peace treaty. If you also belong to an outer faith tradition, please indicate as such, and also try and persuade your elders and ostensible leaders to also sign in. Thank you for your signature and support !

If you want to get a printed copy of the INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY sent to your address (anywhere in the world) please order it on line here: https://www.lulu.com/shop/IIPSGP/interfaith-peace-treaty/paperback/product-22155119.html

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